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Susan L. Jenks


Sue is an inspired motivator, events coordinator, and highly sought-after digital marketer.
She launched her digital marketing company in 2012 and continues to serve and train B2B and B2C clients; producing targeted digital strategy, social ad campaigns, creative content, virtual events, and tactical branding. Sue's impressive client list readily attests to focused, measured results, accelerated sales, increased customer engagement, channel development and growth. In 2014, she was named a Top 10 Chief Digital Officer by the CDO Club.

Previously, Sue was Director of Social Media Marketing for Bloomberg TV host and ex-Kodak CMO, Jeffrey Hayzlett. Sue's innovation in the role produced unique, marketable idea development for the Hayzlett brand as well as individuals and businesses launching into and moving about the social media arena. Her passion project, 4socialgood, is a strategic partnership of writers, world changers, nonprofits & social media #4socialgood in the world today.

Currently Sue also serves as agent for Actress/Singer Mary Millben  Award-winning International Singer Mary Millben is a story of the American dream, and a brand rooted in God, American patriotism, and love of country. A global symbol for faith, freedom and unity, Mary is uniquely gifted to stir spirits across the world in settings of patriotism, global causes, and gatherings of world leaders.

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